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I took a break from the depths of my studio only to be blinded by yes, the receding sunlight. I’m joking. ArtWalk is always a great time to take a break from work and check out what other artists are up to. I didn’t stay out too long but what I did see were these two phenomenal artists: Robert Vargas @THEROBERTVARGAS and Ron King @RADIANTCHILD89. 

Ron King’s work is reminiscent of the great Jean Michel Basquiat. King can usually be seen in DTLA painting live fitted with fashion of his own design. King’s work carries the same spirit as Basquiat’s art would have layered with hidden messages. 

Robert Vargas is another well known artist in Los Angeles. Seeing him paint/ draw live is an experience that you’ll definitely remember, well I did. It is as if he looks into the soul of the subject.  As you see the work unfold, it becomes apparent that this man knows how to capture the spirit of a person.  Doing a live portrait  AND making it look like the person, well let’s just say that it isn’t my forte lol, so when anyone can do that, it’s simply magical.

It’s always great seeing other creators of all different mediums and styles. Only wish I stayed longer and saw more events. Well, at least there are a bunch of Gallery shows I can attend!